Volatility Is Here

For how long? Who knows.

This market has really thought me what volatility really means. It’s not a constant tread up and then a constant drop down.

It’s up and down seconds to seconds, minute to minute and hours to hours. The S&P is up for five seconds and then down for five seconds.

It’s almost pointless watching it. It will make your head spin. Before now I thought to myself , sure I can handle volatility;

what’s a few months or years of bad returns. I’ll just invest on the way down and buy the dips;

but the minor dips are impossible to time. I’ve seen VTI go from 138 to 144 in the same day.

Now honestly the only reason I’m watching the market is because I don’t want to miss out on acquiring cheap socks like I did in the flash crash of 2018.

I’ve never seen a correction of that magnitude end so quickly. By the time I made an effort to buy it was over.

It was a one way drop down and then a rapid ascent back up. It was like a bungee jumper on the initial descent.

But this correction so far is not of the same velocity or magnitude. It is of true pandemonium and volatility.

Each second of every hour is unpredictable. I’m certainly glad I’m not a market timer,

but I will continue to be consistent with monthly contributions to my investment account

with a few extra punches when I have the opportunity to deliver a low blow here and there.

At the end of the day, investing is not a fair fight and I’m not afraid to strike below the belt.

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