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5 Barriers to Investing

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I have listed the 5 barriers to investing in the stock market below and the barriers are fees, fear of losing money, high cost of stock ownership, lack of knowledge, and lack of motivation.

  1. Fees
    1. Brokerage Fees
    2. Expense ratios
  2. Fear of losing money/Unhealthy fear of the market
    1. Large 3-6 months emergency fund
    2. The larger the fear, the larger the emergency fund needs to be.
    3. Don’t invest in the stock market if you’re terrified of losing money.
    4. Focus on the leading indicators and not the lagging indicators.
  3. High cost of stocks ownership
    1. Micro investing
    2. Dollar cost averaging
  4. Lack of knowledge
    1. Books
      1. The simple path to wealth by JL Collins
      2. If you can by william J Bernstine
      3. The little book of common sense investing
      4. The swedish Investor youtube channel
      5. Audio books on youtube for free
      6. Audio books on audible
    2. Blogs
      1. JL collins blog and stock series
      2. Paul Merriman’s blog and podcast
      3. Animal Spirits blog and podcast
      4. blog and podcast
    3. Podcast
  5. Lack of Motivation
    1. David Goggins
    2. Know you Why

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