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How to Make $10K a month

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If I won the lottery, received an inheritance or became a crypto millionaire overnight, I would put that money into 3 places. Rents, dividends & interest and appreciation. 300K a piece and then spend the last 100K. So that’s 300K to rent, 300K to dividend and interest and 300K to appreciation and then spend 100K on an enjoyable liability like a vacation, car, down payment on a house et cetera.

Rents would be a Realestate syndication and a Turnkey short or long term rental. I would probably invest 100K each into 2 syndications. 100K with Grant Cardone of Cardone Capital and another 100K with Black Swan realestate or Viking Capital. I would then use the last 100K and invest that into a couple turn key short term rentals. I would probably make 24K a year/ 2K a month.

For the Dividend and interest I would probably put 100K into Verizon currently yielding 6% dividend yield, 100K into RIO currently yielding 10.3 % dividend yield and 100K into I bonds currently yielding 8% interest for a total of 21K a year/ 1750 a month income.

For the appreciation category I would put 125K in SPY or a total stock market index fund and 25K into Bitcoin for long term appreciation and then put 100K into TSLA and 50K into SQ in order to sell covered call options and LEAPs. I would probably start with the wheel strategy with option trading and sell cash secured puts first though. The dividends from spy and the income from options trading would probably yield me 30K a year/3K a month.

So in total investing 900K would yield about 7K a month of cash flow which is 9.3% return a year. I would not use the capital to pay off any bills. I would use the cash flow from the Investments and income from working my 9-5 to pay off the bills in a debt snowball pattern until financially independent. The cash flow from the 900K investment can fluctuate of course, especially the options income, but the real estate syndications and SPY will produce consistent income and continue to grow, especially with reinvested dividends.

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